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Chantal Sissing

Chantal has exceptional skills and a wealth of knowledge and experience!

She is a South African qualified Physiotherapist, and prior to moving to NZ ran her own practice where her consultations included physiotherapy treatments and sports and remedial massages.

Chantal works with a wide range of clients, and is very passionate about helping her clients achieve the best results!

Whether you are wanting massage sessions to help your body to recover, prevent injury, improve general well-being or relieve muscular tension and pain, Chantal has the skills to help your body perform at its best.

She has worked with many athletes including Ironman participants, runners, cyclists, MMA fighters, rugby players etc. Including being the therapist to SA Muaythai team.

Chantal is a passionate runner and has completed numerous marathons and ultra marathons. Her love for health and sport has seen her also compete in triathlons, cycling events and being a keen boxer!

Chantal will be working our day shifts 10am-2pm.

Chantal Sissing

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